Hi, I’m Scott, the Modern Classic photographer behind Scott Cech Studio.

I've been an independent photographer for more than 10 years, and my work has been published in The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, Maryland Family Magazine, and elsewhere.

So much of the joy I find in my work is the chance to take away people's anxiety about being in front of the camera and replace it with confidence.

Obviously there's a great deal of art to all of this, and there's a lot of work that happens behind the scenes and in post-production, but here's what you can expect: 

  • We’ll keep it real and relaxed, have fun taking pictures, and I’ll take it from there.
  • When I deliver your photographs, you’ll see it instantly: The pictures will reflect you looking great because you felt great during the shoot. 

If you like what you see on my site and you’re looking for a Modern Classic approach to your wedding, headshot portrait, or lifestyle shoot, email me

I work in the Baltimore-Washington DC metro area and am available to travel.



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