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No Compromises–Making Your Mini Wedding Epic
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I shoot many weddings each season, and I’m very selective about posting, but I think this couple’s wedding journey will resonate with many brides and grooms in the covid era: 

When Gwen and Patrick first booked with me in 2019 to photograph their 2020 wedding, they envisioned a traditional ceremony and reception full of friends and family.

The pandemic changed everything about their plans.

As 2020 unfolded, they went from a guest list of 100+ at a beautiful venue to a backyard wedding with just immediate family to a courthouse ceremony with just the two of them. 

As I said, it changed everything about their plans.

But it changed nothing about wanting to properly celebrate the beginning of their lives together.

So with creativity and vision, Gwen and Patrick persisted and adapted, and I was able to work with them last week to create images just as beautifully reflective of their love as they would be had covid never happened.

And the reception? They’ve got a big party planned for the fall of 2021, with all those friends and family on hand to help them celebrate their first anniversary in style.

I look forward to working with more couples who are looking for creative ways to maximize opportunities, pivot with the times, and produce magical images worthy of their love.

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